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Sep 24, 2019

What motivates you to exercise? Different people are motivated by different things; believe it or not, comedian Burt Kreisher inspired an attorney from Texas to lose more than 200 pounds on his way to becoming an online fitness sensation.

Yes, it's absolutely true, Vance Hinds was inspired by Burt Kreisher's fitness efforts during Joe Rogan's Sober October Challenge in 2017. Vance thought, "If Burt can do it, then so can I," and began his weight loss efforts.

The result is more than 200 pounds in two years which Vance has documented using social media; but along the way, an interesting thing happened, Vance's efforts began to gain attention and he started getting a lot of support. 

What is much more impressive than the weight loss is how Vance is curating an online community of people working together to become healthier. On this episode of All About Fitness, you'll hear Vance share his story of how he used social media to help him transition from weighing more than 450 lbs to being able to train for and complete triathlons. Note: an important component of Vance's journey has been DDP Yoga - if you want a place to start, this is it, you'll find an impressive community offering online support for real life struggles. 

If you're looking for a little support with your weight loss efforts or need some motivation for that next step in your fitness journey then you will not want to miss this epic episode of All About Fitness!

Read about Vance in Men's Health

Want to connect with Vance?

Instagram: @Vance_Hinds

Twitter: @Lawdog1515

And if you're not familiar with comedian Bert Kreisher, watch his epic bit, "The Machine" NSFW - be careful, you'll laugh hysterically! And who knows what he can inspire YOU to do?

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