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Jan 9, 2018

This special edition of All About Fitness was recorded LIVE at the Fit Expo in Los Angeles, CA and features Instagram fitness sensation Lita Lewis IG: @FollowtheLita and professional stunt man Guy Fernandez Jr.

Lita and I talk about her unique approach to fitness which focuses on body positivity with an emphasis on high intensity sports conditioning drills. This is the first time I've had a chance to interview an Instagram fitness personality; we met only a few minutes before the interview and I was blown away by her passion for promoting her message and creating a positive message around fitness and healthy living.

Guy was working with Lita (they had the booth next to the one I was working with Vicore Fitness, which is how we met); once I found out that he was a D1 and Arena League football player turned stunt man I wanted to interview him too. Training to be a stunt man can be a bigger challenge than training to be a pro athlete and Guy should know since he played Arena Football before getting into the stunt business; we talk about how he prepares for challenging stunts and the exercises that help him stay in shape for his challenging career.

Instagram: @GuyFernandezjr 

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