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Sep 18, 2017

Gunnar Peterson has made a career of helping an a-list clientele of celebrities be in top physical shape for the demands of their career and on this episode of All About Fitness we talk about the strategies that he uses to help his clients reach their fitness potential. The most impressive thing about Gunnar isn't the celebrities he trains or that he is also the head of strength and conditioning for the LA Lakers (which is actually pretty dang cool) but the fact that he stays on top of his continuing education and is constantly looking for ways to improve so that he can provide a higher level of service to his clients.

Gunnar Peterson is recognized as one of the top trainers because he helps his clients get the results they want.

Gunnar and I discuss strategies that you can use if, like him and his clients, you have a tight schedule with only limited amounts of time for exercise. In addition, Gunnar talks about how he stays on top of fitness trends and reveals his favorite new workout equipment that he is using to help his clients look and perform their best. 

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