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Sep 14, 2017

Hollywood actors and actresses earn a lot of money by looking good on camera. When many Hollywood performers have only a limited amount of time to get their body ready for a role there is one person they turn to: Eric Fleishman, AKA Eric the Trainer.


Eric looks amazing, but when you find out how old he is you'll think he looks REALLY amazing!

On this episode of All About Fitness Eric shares his story of how he went from a Maine farm boy to being one of the most in-demand trainers in the Los Angeles area. In addition to helping starts look great, Eric is the host of the Celebrity Sweat TV show and trainers other trainers how to help clients look red carpet ready using his proven techniques. On top of all of that, Eric is a straight-forward, down-to-earth and overall nice guy; plus in the time I have known him I always thought he was 5-7 years younger than me, but it turns out I'm that much younger than him - so he also knows the secret to staying young, which we do go into.

Eric shares his story of how he went from farm kid to the host of TV's Celebrity Sweat (on A&E) 

If you want to know how some of your favorite TV and movie stars get their bodies camera ready then listen to this episode of All About Fitness. If you want to follow Eric's proven formula for fitness, go to his website 

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Twitter: @Ericthetrainer 

Instagram: @Ericthetrainer 

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