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Aug 23, 2017

On this week’s quick fit tip I talk about the fitness industry and disruption; more specifically what that means for you the average fitness consumer. Once an established business or industry becomes complacent it is ripe for disruption. From one point of view disruption is essential for long-term success; as businesses become stagnant and rest on their laurels they lose the innovative drive that helped them to succeed and grow in the first place.

Netflix disrupted video rental and changed the way we view content; Uber and Lyft have changed the way we take cars and no matter how you feel about him Donald Trump is definitely disrupting the way we view politicians.

In the fitness industry the current model for joining a health club is to entice people into a facility and get them to sign a year contract on the first visit. The rampant proliferation of boutique fitness studios has definitely disrupted the status quo and is forcing health clubs to evolve their existing business model. 

Disruption can cause much needed change in an industry; it can push people beyond their comfort levels to do new things or adapt to a new style or system of business; on today's Quick Fit Tip I discuss disruptive forces in the fitness industry and what that means for you - the fitness consumer.

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In this episode I mention Nick Tumminello, you can reach his website here