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Dec 23, 2016

As a fitness professional my primary focus is on enhancing physical performance through movement-based strength and conditioning programs. What that means in plain English is that I help people move better first before helping them to become stronger or more powerful.

A well-known joke among fitness professionals is that the most common workout goals are to: "lose weight" and "tone up." If a personal trainer received $1 for every time he or she heard that phrase every single one of us would be a multi-millionaire. The fact is that most people start a workout program in order to look better, not move better. With that in mind I plan on regularly interviewing guests with a background in bodybuilding, whether as a competitor, researcher or coach.

On episode 18 of All About Fitness I interview former professional  bodybuilder Tamer ’The Razor' El-Guindy.
Our conversation focuses on how setting exercise goals, especially the strict ones required for success as a bodybuilder, can help you prepare for success in your professional life. Let’s face it, if you can compete in bodybuilding then you are driven by setting and working towards challenging goals which is an important trait required for any type of professional success. Tamer is an excellent example of an individual who has turned the drive and determination that led to his success on the competitive stage towards a career working in the fitness industry. Tamer is a former IFBB 2-time Mr. USA who is now working for UFC Gym as the vice president of global franchising and the director of the UFC Gym University. 
My initial perception of UFC Gym was that it was going to be focused on the tribal-tatood, Ed Hardy t-shirt wearing crowd that frequent MMA events. However having met and done some work with both Tamer and the director of Fitness for UFC Gyms Rob McCullough, who I interviewed on episode 16 of All About Fitness, I have been impressed by the all-inclusive approach the company has towards it’s fitness programming. 
This is not an informercial for UFC Gym, however when I come across a company that I feel is doing fitness the right way, whether it is by manufacturing equipment or operating a health club, I want to share that it with you. If you’re like me than you may have a certain image of what working out in a UFC Gym looks like, but after listening to our conversation today you may realize it’s a place worth checking out. 
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