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Jun 13, 2016

David Jack is a leader in the fitness industry who serves as an adviser to Men’s Health, Reebok and other companies as well as running the Activ8 Lab fitness studio in the beautiful Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. David is not only responsible for producing informative, engaging content for top fitness brands but he is one of the most down-to-earth, engaging professionals I’ve met in my nearly twenty years working in fitness. In today’s conversation we talk about how to make time for fitness in a busy schedule, effective strength training exercise strategies when time is a factor along with ways that exercise can be used to help motivate and engage others. Rather than a lengthy intro, I’ll use David’s quote below as an example of what to expect in episode 7 of All About Fitness: 


“I believe that as we use our strengths; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to serve, we are given more. Fitness has been relegated to six-pack abs, a faster 40, a bigger bench or a better Fran time. Goals are good and they DO matter, but if all we train and prepare for is to improve our fitness metrics or look better for others that judge us, that’s all we get. When great people, places and things come together to create the change they seek in the world, the positive effects cascade forever. This is my mission: to use my God given gifts, talents and passions to inspire, connect, teach and share with others in an effort to change the way we look at fitness, ourselves and those around us. To help people get ready to be ready when they are called upon becoming the who they were created to be, in order to do what only they can do.”


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