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Oct 2, 2018

Why do you exercise? What causes you to push yourself when you're already tired? How do you get motivated to achieve a challenging fitness goal? There are two primary types of motivation: intrinsic - working on a task for our own needs or interests and extrinsic - taking on a task to please or to meet the expectations of others; both types can be useful for giving you the ability to accomplish a daunting fitness goal.

On AAF110 Hannah Eden, a popular fitness influencer on Instagram and a founder of the Pump Fit Club fitness studio in South Florida, shared how the loss of a close friend motivated her to join the fight to F*** cancer. When we spoke, Hannah was in the process of training for the Ring Road Race around Iceland to raise money in the memory of her friend, Jessica Boswell.  

On this episode of All About Fitness, Hannah returns to talk about the experience and how she stay motivated to focus on her goal of completing the road even when her body was screaming at her to stop. In addition, Hannah updates us on what she is doing to help others become motivated to reach their goals. To learn more about the couples challenge she and her husband are running with Oxygen magazine, FOLLOW THIS LINK.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Serene Soldier and what you can do to help Hannah fight cancer. 

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