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Mar 28, 2020

Stress effects people in different ways. Most people think stress is negative, but stress applied in an appropriate way can actually make us stronger.

The international spread of a dangerous virus is creating an environment of tremendous stress; rather than wring our hands in worry or complain about annoying "shelter in place" guidelines, we can actually take this opportunity to develop strategies for dealing with the stress to become stronger, more resilient and capable of overcoming any obstacle life might throw in the way.

This episode features not one but two guests from O2X, an organization dedicated to optimizing human performance. Dr. Jess Harmon Psy.D. is a Mental Performance and Resilience Specialist for O2X who also serves as an Operational Psychologist with the US Army; she specializes in behavioral consultation, resilience and mental performance training for elite special operation forces. Paul McCullough, a co-founder of O2X, served eleven years in the US Navy where he was a member of the SEAL Teams and earned the rank of Chief Petty Officer.  

As a company, O2X takes a multi-disciplinary approach in its work with tactical athletes and organizational clients helping them to optimize mental and physical health, increasing productivity and maximizing performance in all spheres of life. Jess and Paul have each served in combat zones, meaning they lived with tremendous amounts of stress that most of us could never imagine and use that experience in their work with O2X. On this episode of All About Fitness, Jess and Paul share specific strategies for how to work through any stress that you might be feeling so that you can grow stronger in the new reality of life with COVID19. 

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