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Jun 14, 2020

Breaking up is hard to do. Except when the break up is in response to comments that at best are insensitive and at worst show a complete disregard for others. This episode of All About Fitness features Graham King, the owner of Urban Athletic studios in Washington, DC who has been affiliated with CrossFit for years but recently ended that relationship in response to comments made by the founder and former CEO. Graham shares his experience as a business owner near the epicenter of the Black Lives Matter protests in DC, provides his thoughts on the CrossFit community and discusses his decision to end his affiliation with the brand.

BONUS: From politics to entertainment to sports, the suffix, GATE, has been attached to scandals ever since the Nixon Watergate fiasco back in the 1970s. If you've ever wondered about how the term came into our lexicon, Graham and I share the origin story of the phrase Watergate. 

Learn more about the vibe at Urban Athletic Club on the company's Instagram channel: @urbanathleticclub 


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