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Nov 20, 2016

On this episode of All About Fitness I sit down with Rob McCullough, former professional kick boxer, WEC Lightweight Champion, and currently the Senior Director of MMA Programming for UFC Gyms.

We discuss how Rob got started in professional fighting and how his approach to fitness and exercise has changed over the years. What is fascinating is that over the past twenty years MMA has evolved from an underground sport to a multi-billion dollar industry. The computer and tech industry evolved in San Jose, CA, finance and fashion were developed in New York City and the early days of MMA took place in Orange County, CA and Rob was there at the beginning. 

Rob talks about meeting and training with Tito Ortiz in high school and how his participation in the sport has grown from being a fighter to running the program for UFC Gyms, a rapidly growing chain of health clubs based out of Southern California.

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