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Dec 8, 2017

Tim Noakes is a South African doctor, professor of exercise science and founder of the Noakes Foundation who has studied, among other exercise-related topics, fatigue related to ultra-endurance training, hydration and nutrition. Professor Noakes' books include: The Lore of Running and The Real Meal Revolution (follow THIS LINK to his Amazon page).

On this episode of All About Fitness, Professor Noakes joins me to talk about the role of fatigue in exercise and how you can overcome it, the benefits of a high fat diet, the fact that you may be over-hydrating when you exercise and his recent court victory regarding his dietary recommendations. 

Dr. Noakes started the Noakes foundation to promote healthy nutrition to the underserved people in his country, to learn more about Dr. Noakes and the work he does through the Noakes Foundation - FOLLOW THIS LINK

Follow Dr. Noakes on Twitter: @ProfTimNoakes


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