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Feb 1, 2018

What do strongman athletes, MMA fighters and housewives all have in common? Each one needs a strong core and a pain-free back to be able to function at their highest level of performance. If you suffer from back pain then you're not alone, back pain affects tens of millions of people every year keeping them from being able to enjoy their favorite activities.

Dr. Stuart McGill has spent his career studying the spine and identifying the most effective strategies for developing a strong core and a pain-free back. On this episode of All About Fitness, Dr. McGill and I discuss how he got started in the field of biomechanics, exercise strategies for strengthening your core and the best sex positions for people who suffer from chronic back pain. 


Dr. McGill is not only THE expert on how to strengthen the spine and train your core but he also has one of the best mustaches in the fitness industry

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My blog on how to strengthen the core from the standing position

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