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Mar 16, 2020

Social distancing is the new catch phrase for 2020. With the exponential proliferation of COVID19, the novel coronavirus, public health officials are strongly urging us to avoid large crowds where the virus can easily spread which unfortunately means our favorite workout spots. If you are a fitness fanatic looking for easy, affordable solutions for exercising at home, this episode of All About Fitness is for you.

This episode covers equipment that will keep you on shape for three different budget levels: less than $75, around $350 and unlimited. NOTE: when buying equipment online go to the same distributors that health clubs, colleges and professional teams buy from: Power Systems and Perform Better - both sell high quality, well built equipment. Most of the stuff you get from the world's largest online retailer are low-quality knock-offs; when it comes to fitness equipment you want to invest in commercial grade equipment because it is much more durable and will last a long while for in-home use.

FOLLOW THIS LINK to a video on the All About Fitness podcast channel which shows how to set up an affordable home workout space.

My blog on this topic has specific links to where you can purchase the equipment mentioned in the podcast. NOTE: I have no affiliate programs, I am making no $$$ from these recommendations, I'm simply sharing what I know will work for you! 

Follow @PeteMcCall_fitness on Instagram where I will be posting various ways you can get your sweat on without leaving the safety of your home.

The All About Fitness workout programs are written based on the latest science! Each one of the 8 week workout programs includes HIIT workouts to help you burn calories and while you get stronger! 

8 week Dumbbell Strength Training - $19

8 week Kettlebell Conditioning - $19

8 week Functional Core Strength Training  - $19

Want to learn how your body moves when you exercise? Pick up a copy of the e-book, Dynamic Anatomy: Understanding How Your Body Moves During Exercise - $14 

One reason I wrote Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple was to teach people how to exercise using a minimal amount of equipment - it teaches you how to design your own exercise programs and provides you with 21 workouts that you can easily do at home.


We're all in this together, we can and WILL get through it. Stay safe, do the right thing, and watch out for others who might need some assistance.