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Jun 24, 2016

Episode 8 of All About Fitness discusses how exercise can help eliminate pain. If you experience chronic pain, you're not alone. Chronic pain affects millions of people and can be extremely debilitating keeping you from being able to move comfortably, let alone not allowing you to participate in your favorite activities.

Drugs can mask pain to help you feel better but that is only temporary and does not treat the actual cause of pain. Medical procedures can be extremely expensive and could actually cause more problems than they solve because once a muscle is cut, inelastic scar tissue can develop which can change the function of that muscle. Anthony Carey is a San Diego-based personal trainer, author of the book: The Pain Free Program and educator who specializes at using exercise to help eliminate the causes of chronic pain. In this episode we discuss how the right exercise program can change how your body functions allowing you to live pain-free while enjoying your favorite activities.

If you deal with pain on a regular basis, this episode of All About Fitness will help you understand the physiology of pain and how you can get rid of it allowing you to return to your favorite activities.

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