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Oct 24, 2017

What do Bill Belichick, Joe Torre and Phil Jackson all have in common? Besides being Y chromosome dominant (meaning they were born male) they have each won multiple championships in their respective sports at the professional level: football, baseball and basketball.

Here's an important observation about a successful coach: he or she is NOT on the field of play helping the athletes during the competition. Coaches work before a competition to prepare their team for success and develop a game plan to execute specific tactics against an opponent during a competition. Over time evidence strongly supports the observation that the better the coach is at preparing the players the better they will perform once they are on the field of play.

In many ways a health coach works the same way: help you to identify specific health outcomes and then work with you to develop the action plan to accomplish this objectives. Currently we are seeing a major shift in the fitness industry as many long-time personal trainers are brushing up their professional skills to be able to offer all sorts of services related to health coaching.

A personal trainer can give you a great workout - for the day; but a good coach can help you develop a long-term health and fitness plan to enhance any area of your life.

Episode 62 is a Quick Fit Tip where I discuss the role that health coaches can play in improving your overall quality of life. Enjoy!