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Oct 13, 2017

If you lift weights regularly at some point you are probably asked, "how much can you bench?" The only times that a strong bench press really matters is in strength testing for a football team (no matter what level) or in the sport of Powerlifting which tests competitors to see how much weight they can lift in the bench press, deadlift and squat. Let's face it, people who can lift lift a ton of weight will always be impressive and attract attention in the gym. Be honest, how often have you seen someone moving a bar with 6 or 8 plates and thought, "jeez, I need to get a little stronger."

Silent Mike knows the Iron Game.

If you are interested in strength training in general or Powerlifting in particular then you should become familiar with Silent Mike Farr, a well-known internet personality and online personal trainer who specializes in the sport of Powerlifting. On this episode of All About Fitness Mike and I talk about what sport he originally specialized in, how he got started with Powerlifting and discuss some strategies for how you can get stronger in your workouts.

Strong muscles aren't necessarily big muscles and big muscles ain't always the strongest. On this episode Mike shares some strength training tips that work for him!


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