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Jun 29, 2017

On this episode of All About Fitness my former colleague from the American Council on Exercise and wellness expert Jessica Matthews returns to discuss her book: Stretching to Stay Young. There are three components of a well-designed workout program: strength or resistance training to increase lean muscle (and improve definition), energy system development (often mistakenly called 'cardio') and flexibility - often overlooked in favor of the other two components. In our discussion today, Jessica and I address the role that flexibility plays as an integral component of well-designed exercise program and how the right types of stretching can help reduce pain, improve physical performance and stave off the effects of the biological aging process.

It's always fun to catch up and hang out with Jessica when we're speaking at the same events

Jessica is a college faculty, PhD candidate, content contributor to well-known fitness magazines, international speaker and now a book author. I have known Jessica for the better part of a decade, consider her a good friend and have a tremendous amount respect for her contributions to our industry so I always enjoy the opportunity to sit down, catch up and talk shop. Besides discussing the science of stretching our conversation covers common mistakes could keep you from reaching your fitness goals.

Jessica in her happy place 

If you want to know how stretching can help you to stay young, then be sure to listen to this episode of All About Fitness. If you want to learn how to use foam rollers for myofascial release - a key component of flexibility and one that we mention in our discussion - check out my article for the American Council on Exercise HERE

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