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Jun 24, 2017

How many times have you seen an advertisement for a fitness product or exercise program and wondered, "Does that really work?" On this episode of All About Fitness I talk with Clifton Harski about how to identify fitness programs that work and how to determine which ones are complete nonsense. We also talk about awesomeness - I'm not sure about you, but I am always interested in how I could be doing things a little better and Clifton is one of the most awesome guys I know so we discuss strategies on how to be more awesome. Clifton is the Director of Fitness Programming for Fitwall - a unique studio training concept THAT WORKS, as well as an educator responsible for teaching kettlebell and Animal Flow workshops to personal trainers. Clifton is a hella smart guy who knows how to design exercise programs that deliver results so his advice can help you identify workout programs to meet your needs.

Clifton is not only a cool guy, he's pretty freaking strong

I've gotten to know Clifton through his social media posts and consider him to be one of the most creative guys in our business; he creates killer, science-based workout programs for Fitwall and his social media videos and pics always crack me up so if you're looking for ways to make your life a little more awesome, he's the right guy to help you identify how. This video clip of Clifton recreating an old-time barbell workout from the era of physical culture is only one of the things that make him AWESOME! 



This pic of Mr. Harski in his 4th of July workout gear shows him in ALL of his innate awesomeness; a little cheesy? Yes - but having the confidence to pull it off is what makes it great!

Interested in what the heck a FitWall workout involves? Check out this video clip featuring Clifton and the FitWall team. Clifton is a Master Trainer, meaning he trains personal trainers, for both Kettlebell Athletics and Animal Flow.

Here's the backstory on this interview: as I started the podcast one of the pieces of advice I read was to have a couple of interviews saved for when you need to post a podcast and didn't have anyone scheduled. We had this conversation after a killer kettlebell workout next to the beach in San Diego and I saved it until now - the reason I'm launching it now is that Clifton and his wife (standing on his back above) just introduced a new bundle of awesomeness to the world, congratulations guys - hope you survive the experience. 


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