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Jun 21, 2017

Adding muscle, improving definition or just simply looking better are popular reasons for starting a workout program. The past few episodes of All About Fitness have featured guests who specialize in a movement-based approach to exercise because, whether in sports or activities of daily living, moving better is the foundation for everything else from performance to appearance. Exercise programs that focus on movements like squats, lunges, pushes and pulls as well as multi-planar patterns are not only important for athletic performance but can also help produce a shredded physique. In an effort to discuss how the two approaches can merge to produce the results you want from your workouts I reached out to professional wrestler turned personal trainer and health coach: Giovanni Roselli.


Giovanni aka Romeo Roselli doing his thing in the ring

This was a fun interview for me because as a kid growing up in the 80s I was a huge (at the time) WWF fan. To me the wrestlers were real-life superheroes capable of amazing feats of strength and athleticism and were one of the inspirations for starting on my fitness journey in the first place. Giovanni and I met a few years ago and while I don't follow professional wrestling anymore I still have a tremendous amount of respect for the men and women who put it all on the line for their fans. It has been fun getting to know Gio and talking training, specifically how to balance the competing interests of training for performance AND physique.

As a wrestler Giovanni competed in the WWE and other circuits under the name Romeo Roselli; he now works as a personal trainer and health coach to help other people learn how to practice healthy behaviors like exercise and getting a good night's sleep. Gio is not just a personal trainer, he is also a master trainer responsible for teaching workshops on how to use exercise equipment like the ViPR and Core-Tex as well as being an ambassador for Pt on the Net - the leading online education resource for personal trainers. If you're not familiar with the ViPR, a relatively new and unique strength training tool, check out this video of Gio with the Trevor and Shawn from Genesis Performance.

As a trainer Gio created the Fully Loaded group fitness program for Equinox health clubs.

On this episode of All About Fitness we talk about how he trained as a wrestler - a major challenge given the travel and appearance schedule and how he exercises now that he is working full time in the fitness industry. We also talk about the importance of exercise programs that can help you to both look good and improve your overall quality of life. Getting results from strength training requires more than just lifting heavy - it's also extremely important to know a few training strategies that can help ensure proper muscle adaptation.

In this episode Gio and I discuss a number of exercise programs, including:

Institute of Motion and the 4Q Model of Exercise Programming and

Animal Flow


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