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Apr 10, 2017

When most people think of 'strength training' they no doubt think of bulky, overly-muscled men like Arnold Schwarzenegger from his nineteen-eighties, action-movie glory days; but here's a little known secret about strength training - the biggest muscles aren't always the strongest muscles.

That's right; muscles may be large but that's not the primary determinant of strength. Muscular strength comes from numerous muscle fibers working together to generate tension; it is a function of the nervous system's ability to communicate with individual muscle fibers. The more fibers recruited to generate tension, the higher the levels of strength developed. If you're a fitness aficionado who wants to learn more about strength training you have a couple of choices: you could read the literature of the Russian Researchers or who could work with someone who has been trained by StrongFirst.

Brett Jones, Chief Instructor, StrongFirst 

Strength is a technical skill; if your goal is to get strong then you will want to work with a coach who knows who to properly develop the skill of strength. On this episode of All About Fitness I interview Brett Jones, Chief Instructor, StrongFirst about the benefits of strength training and how kettlebells can be used as a tool to develop both strength and power. In our discussion we cover numerous benefits of strength and power training; including one of the most important: that it can help develop lean muscle mass, which can be a key component of looking younger!

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No matter what your personal fitness goal, improving strength will always be a key component of success!

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