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Mar 7, 2017

We all know that nutrition plays a significant role in helping us reach or exceed our fitness goals. Between trendy diets, faddish flushes or dangerous detoxes there can be a tremendous amount of misinformation about the type of well-rounded, balanced, complete nutrition you need to be healthy.

Frances Largeman-Roth is a RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) credentialed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, author, frequent contributor to national TV talk shows and the former Director of Food and Nutrition at Health Magazine; she has a tremendous amount of experience in helping others learn how to eat right and make healthier decisions.

Today on All About Fitness, Frances and I talk about fad diets and some simple strategies and steps that you can easily implement to help develop and maintain healthy nutrition habits. From understanding the role of elimination diets to strategies for getting your kids to eat their veggies you will learn a number of helpful tidbits to help you make healthier choices for you and your family. 

Frances has written 4 books: Eating in Color, The Carblovers Diet Cookbook, The Carblovers Diet and Feed the Belly: the Pregnant Mom's Healthy Eating Guide (written from experience as the mother of 3).

You can also catch Frances sharing healthy recipes on her YouTube channel: The Milk&Honey Kitchen with Frances or through her social media handles: Instagram @franceslrothrd or Twitter @franceslrothrd


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