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Feb 9, 2017

No matter how old you are, strength training can help you get results!


On this episode of All About Fitness I speak with Nick Tumminello about how strength training can help you reach a variety of your fitness goals. Nick is a personal trainer, strength coach and educator who was recognized as the Personal Trainer of the Year by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Nick is an expert in strength training and is a frequent contributor to publications such as Men’s Health, T-Nation and In addition, he travels around the world to teach personal trainers how to be more successful. 

Our conversation today focuses on the benefits of strength training for weight loss, the subject of one of Nick’s books, we also talk about a variety of topics related to working out in general and strength training in particular. in a field where a number of self-professed ‘experts’ claim to have the secret to success or promote workouts with little-to-no scientific validity it’s good to know that there are professionals like Nick who take the time to do the research so that when they dispense advice it is based only on the known facts about how the body adapts to exercise. 
Nick and I have gotten to know one another at various fitness conferences and meetings, at one point in our conversation I refer to Nick’s approach to fitness as ‘basic’ and I mean that as a compliment. Workout programs do not need to be overly complicated or use a variety of exercises better suited for an acrobatic routine to be effective. Knowing how to design a progressively challenging workout that applies the appropriate amount of stimulus to the body and how to properly recover from the workout so the body experiences the desired adaptations are two of the most important components of any exercise program. If you enjoy pushing iron or want to know the most effective things you should be doing in the gym you’ll get a lot out of today’s episode. 

Nick's books: Strength Training for Fat Loss and Building Muscle and Performance are must-have's for anyone interested in getting results from strength training.


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