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Jan 30, 2017

How are you doing with your weight loss goals so far this year? Have you lost the weight you wanted to? Have you been able to get rid of that extra fat hanging out on your body? Do you want some advice for what you could be doing better? 

Losing weight and getting rid of unwanted body fat are popular reasons for starting an exercise program. In order to reach those goals it helps to know a little of the science behind how your body stores and uses fat. For example, if you consume too many calories the excess energy that your body doesn't use could be stored as fat. There are reasons why even if you exercise everyday you could still be falling short of your weight loss goals. 

In this episode of All About Fitness I sit down with Fabio Comana, a Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Science at San Diego State University, to discuss how the body gains and loses weight and, most importantly, identify the types of activity you can be doing to help you reach your weight loss goals. 

Fabio and I speaking at an event in Thailand

Fabio and I speaking at Fitness Asia in 2010, come join us at an upcoming SCW Mania


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three and a half years ago

Thanks guys! I would LOVE to hear more about hormones in the future 😀