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Jan 23, 2017

It's all about the movement
Episode 24 of All About Fitness features author and founder of Nutritious Movement, Katy Bowman. This was a first for All About Fitness, the interview was scheduled through a publicist; and to be completely honest, before receiving her book, Move Your DNA, I had not heard of Katy Bowman, but the concepts discussed in her writing were familiar to me as a fitness educator who teaches that exercise is a function of movement. In a cool synchronicity, I interviewed Jen Sinkler before I interviewed Katy; when I was editing our podcast I realized that Jen had made a specific reference to Katy’s work.  
Katy is a health and wellness educator who promotes the concept that rather than limiting ourselves to specific types of exercise that we should focus more on participating in all types of movement. We often think of physical activity as a construct of a specific activity like flexibility, cardio exercise or resistance training; through her blog, books and podcast - Katy Says, Katy helps people to focus on improving movement literacy by taking every opportunity to be as physically active as possible, which can greatly enhance the overall quality of life. A biomechanist by education, Katy uses scientific knowledge combined with real-world practicality to reshape the concept of physical activity into holistic, natural movements as opposed to a series of isolated, discrete joint motions. Katy’s books include: Move Your DNA, Whole Body Barefoot and the recently released Movement Matters
In our conversation today we focus on why it is important to think about enhancing movement through ALL types of physical activity. Research shows that people who move throughout the day are healthier than people who are stuck in the same position. You’ll hear Katy use the term Captive Humans - to describe how the shape of our body becomes dictated by the limited scope of movements we perform throughout our daily lives. On this episode you'll learn why it’s more important to focus on complete movement literacy, why the modern concept of exercise may actually be limiting how much we move and what you can do to be more physically active throughout your day. 
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