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Sep 16, 2019

Yes, we are all well aware that exercise is good for our muscles and can help get rid of unhealthy bodyweight, but recently science has been discovering the numerous benefits that exercise has the brain, including how we think and feel. Exercise, specifically regular exercise, can change the way our body works from the cellular level on up. Recent findings suggest that physical activity, especially when performed in a group setting, has a significant and important influence on the hormones that regulate not only the functions of our cells, but how we think and feel.

Dr. Kelly McGonigal is a research psychologist at Stanford University who studies stress and emotion. Dr. McGonigal is well known for her TED Talk on How to Make Stress Your Friend; and besides studying the inner workings of the human mind, it turns out that she happens to be a group fitness instructor, making her a perfect guest to help you understand how exercise can change the brain. On this episode of All About Fitness, Dr. McGonigal and I discuss the psychology of group fitness; specifically how different types of movement can not only change our bodies but change how we think and feel. Get ready for a fascinating discussion on numerous benefits of exercise that you never even knew existed.

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