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Jul 25, 2020

Once you get over a certain age, visiting the Doctor brings with it a certain level of fear and apprehension. Yes, you are active and exercise regularly, but is it enough to make sure you are maintaining great health? And when you go to the doctor, don't you want to speak to one who really knows about the benefits of exercise and might be able to help fine turn your own personal workout program? You're in luck, on this episode of All About Fitness, we're speaking with Dr. David Minkoff, a co-founder of the LifeWorks Wellness Center and the author of The Search for the Perfect Protein (available on AMAZON).  Not only is Dr. Minkoff a fully licensed medical doctor who specializes in an alternative approach to medicine but he is a competitive triathlete, having completed numerous Ironman length triathlons, even over the age of 70 and stops by to share his insights on health, nutrition and, yes, fitness so that you can be as fit as he is when you're in your 70s. This is an informative and motivational conversation on how to get fitter as you age on this episode of All About Fitness.  

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