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Aug 9, 2019

On Wednesday, August 7 news broke that Stephen Ross, a real estate developer who happens to be a majority owner of Equinox health clubs and Soul Cycle indoor cycling studios, was hosting a fundraiser for Donald Trump at $250,000 per plate (see CNN story HERE). Equinox and Soul Cycle are two brands built on inclusivity and diversity with a large percentage of membership coming from the LGTBQ+ community; when the membership found out that their money was going to a major fundraiser for Trump, #boycottequinox and #boycottsoulcycle became trending hashtags on Twitter.

Stephen Ross has the right to spend his money however he wants which includes making contributions to any politician he chooses; however, his customers also have the right to spend their money where they choose. On this episode of All About Fitness I'm joined by Zack Ford, a writer who covers the Trump administration for ThinkProgress as well as publishing his own newsletter on LGTBQ+ issues - Fording the River Styx - which covered the story HERE. Zack shares his insights on why so many members of the community feel betrayed. In addition, Dr. Natalia Petrzela, an Associate Professor of American History at the New School in NYC and co-host of the Past-Present podcast, makes a return to provide her unique insights into the consumer reaction, the boycott and whether it really will make an impact on the company. This is a fascinating discussion about the reaction to the owner of a fitness brand supporting a politician who has actively marginalized many consumers of his brand.

Follow this link to listen to the All About Fitness episode where Dr. Petrzela discusses the LGTBQ+ influence on the fitness industry (#fascinating)

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