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Nov 25, 2019

The best gifts are the ones that you were not expecting or were even aware that they existed, but end up being a helpful addition to your daily life. If you like to sweat and enjoy all things fitness then it can be a challenge for the folks in your life to find the right gift that supports your training efforts. Likewise, you may have a couple of people in your life who seem to live in the gym and it can always be a challenge to give them a thoughtful gift.

To make this holiday gift giving season easier for you, on this episode of All About Fitness, I’m joined by Ms. Amanda Vogel, the author of the Fitness Test Drive blog and a fitness industry insider. Amanda and I discuss a number of items from waterproof shoes to kites (yes, you read that right) that could make excellent gift ideas for the people in your life who make exercise a priority in theirs. 

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Here are links with discount codes for some of the specific products Amanda mentioned in the podcast:

Vessi Waterproof shoes - save 10% with the code puddles10

RYU Sideline Parka - save 10% on ANY RYU purchase with the code: amanda10

For more information on ALL of the products (save the Apple AirPods) that Amanda mentioned, check out the Product Test Drive section of her blog

If you want to learn how to make money as a fitness writer, you can check out Amanda's fitness writing resources HERE

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Instagram: @AmandaVogelfitness

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