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Jun 2, 2016

If you like to exercise and are always looking for new workout options one of the goals of All About Fitness is to introduce you to new types of fitness equipment and programs. As someone who has spent a career educating personal trainers I would never promote a product or support a program that I didn’t think is legitimate and provides a specific value to fitness consumers; the things I consider when reviewing a new entrant to the fitness market are:

  • Is it a correct application of research-based exercise science?
  • Does it address a specific need that isn’t being met by other products?
  • Is it safe and appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels?

In episode 6 of All About Fitness we visit with Stephanie Lauren, the founder of Plyoga Fitness (featured on Spike TV's Sweat Inc.). Stephanie is a former NCAA athlete and competitive gymnast who wanted a dynamic way to stay fit after her competitive days were behind her which is what led her to create a new exercise format.

What happens when you combine the range of motion and mobility exercises from Yoga with plyometric exercises to increase muscle power? You get Plyoga Fitness which integrates the two modalities into a fun and challenging workout that produces results. In this episode I interview Stephanie about why she created Plyoga Fitness, the benefits of her program and how you can get results by combining two different types of exercise into one workout. 

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