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Jun 2, 2016

Goal setting is an important part of working out. How can you measure progress if you don’t identify what your desired outcome is? As the winner of the Guinness 24 Hour Fitness Challenge Joe Decker is literally the World’s Fitness Man, in addition he has completed a number of grueling races and endurance events including the 520 mile Raid Gauloises, the Badwater 135, the Marathon des Sables (across the Sahara), the Grandslam of Ultra Running AND is a two-time winner of the Spartan Death Race


In episode 5 of All About Fitness I talk with Joe, and his wife Nicole, about what motivates him and why he sets such incredible stretch goals. We also talk about how you can take the necessary steps to set your own goals that will push you beyond your comfort zone.


If you have found that your workouts are getting a little stale and that you need a new challenge then this episode of All About Fitness is for you!


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Here is his book, ‘The World’s Fittest You’*Version*=1&*entries*=0


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