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Sep 6, 2017

Comedian Jim Gaffigan once referred to personal trainers as that person you pay to help get you in shape at that place you pay to get in shape.

Many people mistakenly believe that personal trainers are those annoying, uberfit people who bully you to exercise. Nothing could be further from the truth. Do you hire an accountant to help you with taxes? Do you hire an attorney to help you with a legal issue? Do you hire a mechanic to repair your car? Then you should hire a personal trainer to help you determine the best fitness and exercise program for your specific needs.

We all have different bodies and when it comes to fitness each of us have different needs. A good personal trainer can help you identify the best exercise programs for how you meet and to meet your individual needs. On this episode of All About Fitness I list the benefits of hiring a personal trainer and some things to look for when making that decision. 

Here are the associations and certifications of certified fitness professionals (personal trainers and fitness instructors)

United States Registry of Exercise Professionals - USREPS

American College of Sports Medicine - ACSM

American Council on Exercise - ACE

National Academy of Sports Medicine - NASM

National Strength and Conditioning Association - NSCA


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