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Feb 20, 2019

Technology doesn't just mean computer chips and nanobytes, anything that enhances human performance could be considered technology. The TRX Suspension Trainer is an excellent example of one type of technology - it's not complicated but it does an effective job of challenging the body to work harder. iPhones, fitness trackers and even algorithms that can push forward or predict the workouts you should be doing based on what you have been doing are all examples of different types of technology which is why Chris Frankel, the Director of Human Performance for TRX, is the PERFECT person to contribute to the All About Fitness series on fitness and technology.

In our conversation, Chris discusses how technology can improve our fitness as well as potential areas where it may have shortcomings in improving human performance potential. Learn how you could be using technology to aid your workout programs on this episode of All About Fitness

To learn more about the TRX Maps program described by Chris, listen to episode 66 of All About Fitness

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