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Dec 12, 2018

Whether it's for a birthday, holiday or special occasion, giving the perfect gift can be a difficult challenge; when it goes right, it feels awesome to give a special person that special something that they can use throughout the entire year. And no one wants to give a gift that ends up collecting dust in the closet or on a shelf in the garage. 

On this episode of All About Fitness, fitness writer and professional product reviewer Amanda Vogel joins me to talk about the best gifts for the fit people in your life. Don't spend hours wandering the store or scrolling online and whatever you do, don't cop out by simply giving a gift card, the All About Fitness Gift Guide can help you find that perfect something for your special someone. 


Here is a list of products mentioned in the show. NOTE: we identify any conflicts of interest or relationships that both Amanda and I have with the products we discuss.


Yes, this is a BIG conflict, but it IS my book, so...

Learn how to design your own workout programs using only one piece of equipment in my book: Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple; coming soon from Human Kinetics


 -Motiv ring  activity tacker 


- MERRITHEW Fascia ReleaZer 


- MERRITHEW 6 lb. Twist Ball with handles


- RYU Camo Waist Pack (aka fanny pack) -


- New Balance Radiant Heat apparel for cold weather exercise. 


- Lole Quilted Lily Tote (gym bag): 


- LuluLemon In a Flash Arm Warmer


- Nicepipes Arm and Legwarmers:


- Vi Personal Trainer -


- Apple Watch -


- Fabletics - the clothing subscription service 


- Spartan race trifecta pass


- Tactical gloves


- Hydro flask


- Rollga foam roller 



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