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Oct 19, 2018

If Monday is international chest day - the day when every guy goes to the gym to do their favorite exercise: the barbell chest press, and other isolation movements for strengthening the pectoralis major and minor muscles, then which day should people strengthen their fascia? Strength training with linear patterns is the best way to strengthen your muscle, but there's another tissue in your body that is often overlooked - your fascia and elastic connective tissues.

Muscle tissue can be described as the contractile element, fascia is the elastic component - they are different types of tissue; yes, they complement each other, however they function differently and need different exercises.

On this Quick Fit Tip learn more about your fascia and the best types of exercise to strengthen your connective tissues so that you can improve your movement skill while reducing the risk of injury.

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Training the Fascia Network, Part 1

Training the Fascia Network, Part 2

Latest Research on Fascia 

5 things to know about your fascia

Functional Training 2.0


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