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Sep 26, 2018

In professional sports the job of an athlete is to use his or her skills and abilities to help a team win games. The role of a coach is to teach players specific strategies and tactics of a sport, or a specific position in a sport, so they can out-perform their competition. The function of a strength and conditioning coach is to keep athletes fit, healthy and on the field (or court) so they can properly execute the plays as designed and instructed by the team coaches. Yes this may be biased, but it is my opinion that the strength and conditioning coach has one of the most important jobs on a team because helping athletes get in shape and stay injury-free has the greatest impact on whether or not a team is able to perform to the best of it's ability.

On this episode of All About Fitness, Todd Wright, the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Philadelphia 76ers NBA team, shares how he helps his athletes get in top physical shape and prepare off the court to help the team beat the competition. Coach Wright's insights can help you to identify the most effective way to get in shape and stay game-ready for your favorite sport or recreational activity; if it's good enough to help one of Coach Wright's players, it's good enough to help you be your best! Note: NBA Star Kevin Durant credits Todd with having a significant impact on his playing career.

Check out this video of Todd coaching his athletes through a complete dynamic warm-up - if it works for a NBA player, it can work for you!

This older video shows Todd in action running an off-season conditioning program for his college athletes


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