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Jun 8, 2018

Once upon a time, hunting was the only way we got the meat we needed to survive. Our ancestors burned hundreds, if not thousands of calories on a hunt in the pursuit of the protein necessary to sustain life. In the modern era we can now order thousands of calories of food without breaking a sweat by simply swiping our fingers on a screen and is one of the reasons why we have an international crisis of obesity. 

Non-processed, organic and farm-to-table foods are important sources of nutrition that can greatly enhance your overall quality of life. No food source is more organic than an animal living in the remote wilds. Dan Staton is a conditioning coach, personal trainer, fitness studio owner and bow hunter who writes a blog and hosts a podcast called Elk Shape; on this episode of All About Fitness Dan shares his insights on the hunting culture and the ethics of hunting which includes caring for the environment as well as discussing the level of fitness it takes to track a quarter-ton animal and harvest the meat. Dan has a unique background in strength and conditioning that helps him develop creative and effective programs for all types of athletes.

NOTE: I grew up in the suburbs. The only 'camping' I did was within meters of a car at a campground and the only 'hunting' was for bargains at the comic book store. My perception of hunters was that of out-of-shape men cruising around on four wheelers and setting traps for easy prey. We can only learn, grow and evolve if we remain open to other peoples experiences and points of view. For me, this was a truly educational and eye-opening discussion on the role of hunting in properly caring for and managing our nation's natural resources. Being a bow hunter takes a tremendous amount of physical stamina and mental toughness, even if you are against hunting or have a negative perception like I did, this conversation will give you a new appreciation for a lifestyle that might be different from yours.


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