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May 27, 2018

Once upon a time when someone wanted to make a fitness video it took thousands of dollars, a studio and expensive cameras. In the year 2018 all it takes to make a fitness video is some creativity and a smart phone. Hannah Eden takes advantage of technology to create unique workout videos that have helped her to become one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram. On this episode of All About Fitness she shares her story of moving from the UK to the US during high school and how she got her start in the fitness biz. 

Learn about how Hannah creates her unique style of fitness and what is motivating her to complete the Ring Road around Iceland. Support Hannah as she raises money to F*** Cancer; CLICK HERE to donate to her efforts

To learn more about Hannah and her online workouts, visit her virtual home:

If you're one of the only fitness fanatics NOT following Hannah on Instagram (trust me, it's worth it) here's her handle: @hannaheden_fitness 

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