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Mar 4, 2016

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you enjoy working out? If you do then you probably want to find the most effective workout program to help you meet your needs. "Boot camp" workout programs are an extremely popular mode of exercise and research by the American Council on Exercise has shown that they can be extremely effective for burning calories; however not all boot camp programs are the same (and some aren't even worth being called 'boot camp').

To get the lowdown on the type of challenges a real boot camp workout should offer and how these can benefit your fitness needs I went straight to the source and interviewed 6 time US Army 'Soldier of the Year' and decorated combat veteran Ken Wiechert who, besides serving in the TN National Guard, travels around the world to teach fitness instructors how to lead proper boot camp conditioning programs. 

In the inaugural episode of All About Fitness you will learn about the benefits of boot camp conditioning programs and how to find the best program to meet your specific needs. 


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