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Jan 8, 2020

No one starts a career in fitness for the money. It is possible to earn a decent living but it’s a hustle and grind. Most fitness professionals get into the business because they genuinely care about helping others, but earning a decent living can be a challenge. 

Approximately 20% of Americans have memberships to health clubs or visit fitness studios on a regular basis; many of these individuals are in the higher income brackets of society while the fitness professionals, the term for group fitness instructors and personal trainers, who serve them often struggle to earn a living. 

On this episode of the All About Fitness podcast, Dr. Natalia Petrzela joins me to discuss the economics of being a fitness professional; specifically how challenging it can be to work as a relatively low-wage worker serving a high net worth demographic. Our conversation is based on this fascinating piece that Dr. Petrzela wrote about the Labor Economics of Being a Fitness Professional.

Dr. Petrzela is an Associate Professor of History at the New School in New York City who studies, among other topics, how the fitness industry impacts our modern society. Dr. Petrzela is also a co-host of the Past-Present podcast which discusses how the lessons from historical events can apply to modern culture (it's fascinating for history geeks like myself). You can visit the cyber version of Dr. Petrzela HERE.

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