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Mar 22, 2021

For years the prevailing wisdom on exercise for older adults has been that as we get into our sixties that we should 'slow down' or 'take it easy' and maybe not do so much exercise. Nothing could be further from the truth, as we age we need to remain consistent with exercise and that means exercising to a point of fatigue.

Exercise is stress imposed upon the body, too much could cause injury, too little could result in disease, finding the right amount of exercise to achieve and maintain optimal health throughout the aging process will require some trial and error. However, two fitness instructors seemed to have cracked the code and have developed the optimal way to exercise well into the later years of the human lifespan.

Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred Devito teach barre exercise, a method of exercise that uses lighter weights and bodyweight movements for higher repetitions to produce tremendous results. For years, Lis and Fred ran Exhale, a studio based in Manhattan, now they operate, a virtual platform that delivers their unique brand of fitness to exercise enthusiasts all over the world.

This episode of All About Fitness features co-host Tricia Murphy Madden, one of the leading instructors in the fitness industry; the conversation today focuses on how barre exercise can help participants remain fit and maintain optimal health well into their later years. Lis and Fred are in their sixties yet have maintained energy levels and appearance that far surpasses fitness instructors many years younger. This is a fascinating conversation about the benefits of exercise throughout the aging process and how you can use fitness to achieve optimal health at any age.


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