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Jan 30, 2020

"Necessity is the mother of invention," attributed to Plato, refers to the fact that the demand for a good or service will eventually create a supply to address that need. From running marathons to hiking mountains to dancing to gymnastics, the human body is designed to perform a wide variety movements that can get you in great shape, however, using your body by itself may not allow you to grow the muscle you want, maximize your strength or push your aerobic capacity to the limit which explains why the exercise equipment found in the modern fitness facility was invented. Each piece of exercise equipment is created for a specific purpose or to address a particular need. The average fitness consumer may not think much about the equipment that makes them sweat, but if you can't go a day without a workout or have multiple memberships because different facilities offer different types of workout equipment (confession: I'm one of those) then you may be curious about how your favorite equipment gets invented or may have pondered what makes a piece of equipment popular.  

This episode of All About Fitness features an interview with Jeff Dilts, the Vice Product of Product Management and Innovation for Core Health & Fitness, the parent company of Nautilus, StairMaster, Star Trac, Schwinn Indoor Cycling and Throwdown. Jeff is a fitness industry insider who may not have tens of thousands of followers on social media (sorry Jeff, that's the truth) but is probably the most influential person in the industry because of his knowledge about exercise products and the manufacturing process that brings them to life. Our conversation covers what makes a product like the StairMaster Gauntlet (the rotating staircase) popular along with the process that brings a new product like the Nautilus Glute Drive to market. This is a fascinating discussion that will help you understand how the fitness products that you love to hate are made! 

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