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May 30, 2020

Star date 2020... After sheltering in place for what seems like an eternity you will soon have the opportunity to return to sweating at your favorite fitness facility. Yes exercising at home has been convenient, but you're probably ready to lift some real weights. Yes, taking a lot of walks with the family has helped you develop better relationships, you can not wait to jump on your favorite piece of cardio equipment so you can start working off the COVID 19 - NO! I am in no way inferring that exercising can stop the virus BUT returning to your favorite gym workouts could help you lose the 19 pounds of extra weight you may have gained from stress eating.   

Here's one way to think of the past number of weeks, many fitness fanatics are probably over-trained so spending a few weeks away from the gym could allow your muscles to fully recover from high intensity exercise and actually work in your favor for achieving the results you want.

This Quick Fit Tip discusses what you can expect to see when you return to the gym along with a few thoughts about how to make the best of the post-COVID 19 fitness environment. 


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