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Jul 12, 2017

Why would you hire a personal trainer? Would it be based on looks or knowledge? Just because a trainer looks great does not mean that he or she has the skills to help you optimize your level of health and fitness. It's important to remember that exercise is stress applied to the body; when done correctly you can achieve awesome results. If applied incorrectly exercise can cause injury or be fatal. When it comes to working with a personal trainer you want to make sure you select one who knows what the heck he or she is doing. On this episode of All About Fitness I interview Matt Berenc, the Director of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI) about the education process required for ALL of their trainers.

Matt Berenc giving a talk on how to optimize human performance.

Equinox is widely for having one of the best, most comprehensive education programs in the fitness industry. The company knows that education is the best way to enhance the member experience while strengthening employee engagement and retention. If you've ever wondered why you should hire a personal trainer and how they could help you maximize the results from your workout program you will enjoy this insightful episode of All About Fitness.

Matt using his favorite piece of exercise equipment.



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