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Jul 8, 2017

Not all health clubs are the same; many have similar types of equipment like treadmills, free weights and machines, but what really sets one health club apart from another is the environment, the education of the staff and how that creates a unique member experience. When was the last time someone from your health club or gym talked about understanding how exercise affects the human genome? David Harris is the Vice President of Health and Human Performance for Equinox, an upscale health club company with locations in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. Among his other duties for the company David chairs the Health Advisory Panel for Equinox which includes neurologists and molecular biologists who study how exercise affects the human body down to the cellular level.


David Harris, Vice President for Health and Human Performance, Equinox

The purpose of All About Fitness is to introduce you to the thought leaders and companies who are making a difference in how fitness is delivered to you, the consumer. As a health club company Equinox provides a variety of programs and services beyond just being a place to sweat. On this episode David and I speak about the role that exercise plays in preventative health care and how Equinox is positioning itself to offer a variety of lifestyle solutions that will help members maintain optimal health. In addition, we talk about the core pillars that establish Equinox's unique brand of fitness, why they exist and how they can help you to enhance your overall quality of life.  

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