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Apr 3, 2021

The dictionary is the ONLY place where success comes before work; when it comes to fitness it seems as if people are always looking for a way to hack the body to get results without having to spend hours in the gym. Some shortcuts are high risk for minimal rewards while others are downright dangerous. However one technique, the Kaatsu Method of blood flow restriction developed by a Japanese doctor named Yoshiaki Sato, causes muscles to experience rapid growth without an extensive amount of time spent in the gym; most importantly, it is extremely safe WITH the proper training and equipment.

The Kaatsu Method, also known as vascular occlusion, uses pressure bands worn during exercise to cause blood flow restriction which stimulates rapid muscle growth. Dr. Jim Stray-Gunderson is a medical doctor and exercise physiologist who has been very involved in the US Olympic training program for a number of years. Dr. Stray-Gunderson has developed the BStrong brand of BFR bands to help athletes and exercise enthusiasts experience rapid muscle growth without having to spend hours pumping iron. Dr. Stray-Gunderson joins me to talk about how he discovered blood flow restriction, how it can help promote muscle growth without a lot of damage to the body and how you can use it to supercharge your fitness results. You will learn all about one of the most effective way to get results with a safe method of hacking exercise on this episode of the All About Fitness podcast.

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