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May 2, 2020

The sport of bodybuilding requires an amazing level of commitment to train and prepare for a competition let alone to win one. Becoming a professional bodybuilder takes the ability to adhere to a strict regimen for both exercise and nutrition. Qualifying to enter a Mr. Olympia means that you have reached the pinnacle of the sport; winning the title 6 times, as Dorian Yates did between 1992 and 1997, establishes you as one of the all-time greats which requires an outstanding level of dedication, talent and drive.

On this episode of All About Fitness, Dorian shares what motivated him to train, how his commitment to education allowed him to become on of the sport's elite and how he has evolved his approach towards exercise over the course of the aging process. It's a fascinating discussion with one of bodybuilding's all time greats about how to maintain your strength and fitness no matter what age you are.

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Do your hamstrings really extend the knee? What's the best way to exercise your inner thigh muscles? Are crunches the best exercise for your abs?

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