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Mar 30, 2020

From working to working out, living with the COVID19 virus is challenging us all to adjust and adapt to a new reality of managing day-to-day life. For those already working at home this does not mean a big change, but for others working from home might be quite a disruption. There is one big change to life that ALL fitness enthusiasts are having to deal with and that is living without access to a favorite gym, health club or fitness studio which can indeed be quite a shock.

Artemis Scantalides is a personal trainer and online coach who spent years working with clients in health clubs and at her own studio but now works exclusively online. Originally scheduled to talk about how to optimize workout programs for people with limited time, Artemis, an expert at growing and managing a home-based business ends up sharing strategies for optimizing work-life balance when making the transition to working from home. In addition, we talk about the benefits of working with an online fitness coach, how your exercise program and other lifestyle habits can affect your hormones and, most importantly, what that means to your overall quality of life.

On this episode of All About Fitness, Artemis provides you with insightful information about how to manage many of life's stressors and what you can do to optimize your overall quality of life.

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