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Jan 17, 2018

Because heavy things don't lift themselves, we are lucky to have Tony Gentilcore provide us with guidance and insights on how to get strong in order to lift them. Tony is a strength coach, personal trainer, fitness writer (for outlets like Men's Health and T-Nation) and 80s movie aficionado who runs a successful training studio in Boston. Besides being recognized as one of the top fitness bloggers residing amongst the inter-tubes, Tony recently joined two very prestigious clubs: the fatherhood club and the 600 lbs. deadlift club; I'm happy to welcome him to the former but have much more work to do before I can join him in the latter. 

Tony Gentilcore is an evil genius who would think nothing of holding the earth hostage for one million dollars.

On this episode of All About Fitness, Tony and I talk strength training, how he reached the 600 pound mark and, most importantly, how he has had to adjust his training programs now that he has a mouth to feed and a diaper to empty. If you're looking for some insights on how to get stronger or maintain your existing fitness level despite a demanding family schedule then you are in the right spot!

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