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Jun 27, 2018

The fitness culture is still relatively young; health clubs have only been a part of mainstream society for the past forty-or-so years. Before the modern health clubs we're used to today, the early days of fitness were heavily influenced by the Gay (now LGBTQ) community. In response to a recent flap about Pride month and Crossfit, Dr. Natalia Petrzela, a Professor of History and a host of the Past Present podcast, wrote this column about the evolution of fitness culture and the role that LGBTQ individuals played in that process. Get your history geek hats on, this is an awesome conversation and an in-depth look at the origins of the modern fitness culture.  

Visit the internet version of Dr. Petrzela HERE

Read Dr. Petrzela's article for Slate about how LGBTQ culture influenced the modern fitness industry HERE

A few year's ago Men's Journal published a great article on the underground history of Southern CA bodybuilding culture - READ IT HERE

T listen to Natalia on the PastPresent Podcast - CLICK THIS LINK 

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